Philip Rambow 'Dem Eyes' with Maggi Ronson & CJ Hillman - live for 'Music Minds' at the O2 Academy Islington

Recorded on10th Oct 2018 at the O2 Academy Islington Music Minds fundraiser. The Music Minds album containing many rare, previously unreleased and specially recorded songs is available here:

Chris Difford 'Cool For Cats' live for 'Music Minds' at the O2 Academy Islington

Another wonderful memory from the Music Minds launch gig and fundraiser for UK mental health charities Samaritans, Mind, Nordoff Robbins, Music Support.
The album is currently available at HMV and here

Graham Gouldman - Come To Mine (Music Minds)

This song was taken from the 2017 E.P. ‘Play Nicely & Share‘. Composed as a result of conversation with Beth Nielsen Chapman about the British idea of popping in to see a friend or neighbour. But they were not in the same studio when it was recorded; Graham recorded his parts in London and Beth added her parts in Nashville.
The song can be found on the Music Minds album here:

In An Ideal World - the funny outtakes (Music Minds)

The Christians‘ classic song ‘Ideal World‘ gets a 21st Century update from its co-writer, and band member, Henry Priestman. Here’s some indication of what our video producer, Paul Avis aka Rile, had to deal with on the day!! More hindrance than help (not really!) from ‘Loved-Up‘ Les Glover and regular Third Man, Pete Riley.
The official video can be found below.
Explore to learn more about our campaign to raise awareness and funds for UK mental health

Henry Priestman - In An Ideal World (for Music Minds)

Henry’s re-interpretation of The Christians‘ classic which he co-wrote. This song is Henry’s contribution to the Music Minds charity album which is raising funds and awareness for UK mental charities Samaritans, Nordoff Robbins and Music Support

'Flat' - Chris Difford (Animation for Music Minds)

This animated cartoon is part of the Music Minds campaign to raise funds and awareness for UK mental health charities

ALL IN LOVE IS FAIR (For Music Minds)

Thomas Lang & John Wheatcroft (Song by Stevie Wonder)


PERFECT DAY 2018‘ (Song by Lou Reed)


(Song by Lou Reed

Performers on this 2018 version:
Mari Wilson, J. Chambers, Ian Shaw, Pete Riley, Thomas Lang, My Darling Clementine, Henry Priestman, Ian Prowse, Les Glover, Sarah Bradbury, Philip Rambow, Steve Roberts
with Steve Nieve’s new arrangement
Dave Woodhead on trumpet
and Sense of Sound Singers: Ian Davidson, Mersey Wylie, Nina Cox, Chantel Coleman, Joanne Steele, Dionne Lammin, Richard Leeson and Jennifer John