A Liverpool band with big ambitions and an even bigger sound, the trio of Gaz Wilcox (ex-Bribes), Carl Rooney and Sonny Winder-Rodgers are confirmed to be releasing their debut EP with the label later this year.

Tapping into the seminal sounds of T-Rex or Led Zep and re-routing them via the high octane delivery of modern day titans like The Black Keys or Royal Blood, Mexican Dogs balance rock classic and contemporary on an exhilarating knife-edge.

Mexican Dogs – Debut Single: ‘You And I’ – Out Now!

Mexican Dogs – Debut Single: ‘You And I’ – Out Now!

Setting their best foot forward with an almighty debut effort - MEXICAN DOGS - are delighted to present: “You & I". A stridently confident first single, “You & I” bows down at the altar of rock titans past and present to conjure a record with stadium-sized ambitions...

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