Renowned for their “rock’n’roll… with a cello” innovations, the Liverpool band’s new single initially began life as an indie track, before it all went a bit Pete Tong… As Ste Reid of The Mono LPs says:

“Love Me” was a really old song of ours that we had in vaults. Back then it was more of an indie track which we didn’t know what to do with. We liked it a lot but it didn’t fit our first album so it stayed there for years. Then when we started making the new album I was noodling on guitar and came up with the riff that sounded like a pure EDM guitar riff. I realised that it would fit into “Love Me” so we married the two parts together.”

With the departure of previous drummer Dan Beech pushing the band to take a more electronic approach to making beats, they took the opportunity to weave-in silky guitar lines and ecstatic cello sections, “‘Frankensteining’ together” something entirely fresh and new.

Now dubbed “the ‘Ibiza’ song” by the band, its shades of string-inspired EDM bangers by the likes or Avicii or Clean Bandit find The Mono LPs taking a playful left turn; and one that finds them just at home on the dancefloor as they are in the moshpit.

“Love Me” follows the raucous 70s rock inspired single “Hell, Save My Soul”, with both set to feature on the band’s forthcoming album ‘Shuffle/Play’; a record that promises to have all the eclecticism of a music library on shuffle.

All the links to Stream, Download and watch ‘Love Me’ are right HERE