Available on your favourite streaming/download platform Jack Henderson’s new album ‘Where’s The Revolution’ HERE

Self-recorded outside Henderson’s hometown of Glasgow, the ten track release sees the UK singer- songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist on inspired creative form to deliver a solo album in its truest sense. Of making the record, Henderson says:
“If necessity is the mother of invention then Where’s The Revolution is largely the result of that confluence of necessity and invention. Sometimes limitations can be liberating and for this album I wanted to explore what would happen if I recorded, produced and more or less played everything myself whilst embracing those limitations, both physical and financial, head on. There was no overarching manifesto and I wanted to let the songs dictate their own course and allow the imposed imperfections to constitute the very soul of the record.”

Available on CD and download on Bandcamp. The 10-track album includes the singles ‘Nobody Gets Hurt‘, Don’t Drink The Water, Hey Batman and Jesus and Jezebel.

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