All that hard work of writing, drafting, practicing, recording and then releasing your baby to the world! It may seem like the easy part is done when you release a new single.

Then there’s the reviews, it can be a nervous time but the good news, so far is, well, good news!

We’ll add links to this page as they become available but first up is the ‘Building Our Own Nashville‘ website where they say

‘The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. I have nothing like this in my collection anymore and makes me kind of miss traditional music a bit.’

Find the ‘Building Our Own Nashville‘ review HERE

Meanwhile over at ‘Think Country Music‘ ‘Things Are Not Looking Good‘ is name checked with key links shared. Check it out HERE

We are also delighted to report that Philip’s single ‘Things Are Not Looking Good’ has been added to Tidal‘s excellent ‘Modern Day Outlaws’ playlist. Find it second on the playlist right HERE

One more for the road…
Philip’s single gets a full page mention on the Country Lowdown website. Check it out HERE

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